HRT Testimonial - Leesa Ennenbach, RN, BSN

I am writing this letter in reference to the conference our medical team just attended in Nashville a few weeks ago- “Mastering the Protocols for Optimization of Hormone Replacement Therapy” by Dr. Neal Rouzier.
This conference was outstanding whether you are a new facility trying to learn about hormone therapy or an existing clinic who has been practicing for a while.  We took a medical team that consisted of an MD, two Nurse Practitioners, and two RN’s.  One of the business owners (a CPA)  learned a great amount as a non-medical attendant. 

Dr. Neal Rouzier presents the material very effectively and keeps things very interesting with his many years of expertise.  As a practicing facility, I could not recommend it any higher for all of your staff to attend.  We are Body Shapes Medical in Louisville, KY and you are welcome to give us a call if you have any questions regarding the conference.  You and your staff will not be disappointed if you attend!

-Leesa Ennenbach, RN, BSN

HRT Testimonial - Jane Pedley, APRN-BC

I recently attended a conference entitled "Mastering the Protocols for Optimization of Hormone Replacement Therapy" featuring Dr. Neal Rouzier.  It is hands-down the best conference I have ever attended.  The information served as my first formal education in optimizing hormone replacement therapy and I could not have asked for a more thorough, captivating, and clinically applicable presentation.  Dr. Rouzier is truly an expert in this area and has shares his knowledge in a manner that keeps the audience engaged. 

I recommend this course to anyone who is either beginning to work in this field-- or for those who have experience.  The information presented is pertinent for providers at every level.  Attendees will come away from this course with a good grip on how to best apply this knowledge to their own practices.  There are few days when my co-workers and I do not refer to information presented at the conference .  I look forward to attending future conferences sponsored by Anazao Health featuring Dr. Rouzier!

-Jane Pedley, APRN-BC

NeuroRecharge Testimonial - Annie

I completed my 5 day treatment on the NeuroRecharge protocols and I feel absolutely wonderful. I have massive amount of energy all day, my brain feels so stimulated and sharp, unbelievable really. And my skin looks great too!!


NeuroRecover Testimonial - Melissa

I am in recovery and I have experienced significant levels of stress, depression and anxiety since I have been clean and sober. I believed that this was the way I was going to continue my life and there were no other options. I had a very regimented program with no flexibility or spontaneity. It took a lot of time and energy to maintain that level of intensity for my “formula” to work so that I stayed away from active addiction.

Since receiving the NeuroRecover drip, there has been a big change in my addictive behavior. I have dissolved my unhealthy attachments to drugs and alcohol and adjusted my cravings. There are no triggers for physical cravings or mental obsession at this time like those that I have experienced in recovery in the past. The experience has re-ignited my passion for life.

Thank you Dr. King, the NeuroRecover treatment changed my life, gave me comfort and helped restore me to perfect health.

-Melissa, recovering drug and alcohol addict. Successfully treated by Dr. Gail King at Regen Aspen (www.RegenAspen.com), (970) 925-4897, 605 W Main Suite 103, Aspen, Colorado 81611

NeuroRecover Testimonial - Cliff

My brain feels sharp again. Alive with possibilities. . . . I don’t have to go to meetings and talk ad nauseam about my past use. It’s just over. I no longer need marijuana. My brain just won’t allow it. . . . The NeuroRecover procedure has created a new person. I am normal once again and it feels amazing.

-Cliff, twenty years of marijuana use. Successfully treated by John E. Humiston, M.D. at Center for Health and Wellbeing (www.chwbonline.com), (619) 814 5500, San Diego, California

NeuroRecover Testimonial - Brent

My mind has always been a ceaseless flow of thought. Judgments, questions, needs, wants, and what-ifs. Underneath every thought was a road to the worst case scenario. Panic attacks, melancholy, and rage would hit me in my youth out of nowhere because of my uncontrollable thoughts that directly influenced my emotions. I would find myself in the shower for long periods of time because this seemed to be the only way to escape how I was feeling. I rarely had a feeling of ease and comfort until I drank a beer at 13 years old. Every insecurity and doubt vanished miraculously! The affect was immediate and profound. This was the first time my mind shut up with the negative, relentless rants and started feeding me positive thoughts of hope and zealous enthusiasm. It was an abnormal overreaction. It was medication. I was sedated. After that, I would do anything to avoid how I felt in my "normal" state. I spent a great amount of time, effort, and resources so I could feel ok with everyday life. Each day was an infusion of alcohol and marijuana. There were many sprees where I used cocaine or methamphetamine to go the extra distance. I wanted the best life had to offer so I was willing to push my mind and body to some extreme limits. The fantasy was much better than the reality but I didn't realize it wasn't real. It was a delusion. One that would last for 11 years.

After years of abusing drugs and alcohol, the efficacy wore off. I was no longer intoxicating myself to feel good, but to avoid feeling bad. Drunkenness and being high were predictable feelings. Despite my efforts, it became impossible to control the emotions I had been stuffing, masking, holding in, and hiding from. I would break into rages, depressions, and anxiety attacks. I figured if I stopped drinking and doing drugs, things would get better. They would get worse. When I tried to quit, life was unbearable. I needed a way to deal with the emotions I had been running from. That's when I went into a recovery program. I was 24 years old and have been free of any mind altering chemicals, including prescription drugs, for 19 years.

Although I had been sober for a long time, I still suffered from the same underlying issues that made alcohol and drugs so meaningful to me. My thinking, or brain storms, were still a never-ending river of emotional challenges. My friends and I call the voices in our heads "the committee." The committee never seems to have our best interest in mind because it's always telling us we're not good enough or that we are better than everyone else. This is a clear no win situation! It took a lot for me to maintain a balance. I have continued throughout the years to do all the things that help an alcoholic stay sober including all the things that make life worth anything: a great marriage, exercise, a couple college degrees, a rewarding and meaningful career, travelling, a spiritual path. However, if I let up a bit, the negativity and anxiety return.

I was fortunate to meet Dr. Humiston at a time when I seemed to be surrounded by people on various antidepressants. I was convinced I shouldn't have to work so hard to feel ok and medication seemed like a good solution. I was tired. Literally exhausted. I figured that was how my life was and I needed to accept it. Dr Humiston said the way I felt was not normal! That was a surprise to me because I was used to enduring.

He started by helping me with my energy and dietary issues and things improved rapidly. I figured our work was complete. However, throughout the course of my treatment, Dr. Humiston had mentioned an IV Amino Acid Treatment to help do some reparative therapy to my neurotransmitters. I was completely honest about my past substance abuse. He explained that the neurotransmitters probably weren't functioning properly to begin with. This imbalance or non-optimal functioning of the neurotransmitters is why so many people end up on antidepressants. He also explained that drugs and alcohol exacerbated the issue, even the ones that are prescriptive. I was absolutely reluctant and couldn't see how amino acids could make that much of a difference. I figured I had turned a corner with respect to my health but he was convinced my body and mind needed the aminos as the substance that could be used as the building materials needed to repair the past damage. I agreed after a few more conversations.

The treatment was only 5 days because Dr. Humiston felt my body had already had 19 years to repair a lot of the damage I inflicted on myself. I noticed an immediate difference at the end of the first day. My mind was quiet! I didn't understand that this would be part of the result. I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't really expect anything. My mind has been unobtrusive for quite some time now. I don't have the constant thoughts and negativity running through my head. It's a new unexpected freedom. I don't have near the cravings I used to, my mind is lucid, I feel contentment most of the time, I have energy and feel motivated. Since I did the treatment, I have steered my career in a new direction and I am taking on more than I have in the past. I have an enthusiastic but calm approach that is outside of my normal set of characteristics. There is a mental stability I have never experienced before. Anyone that has suffered the pains of addiction knows what I mean when I say the committee has been quieted. They may be up there still chatting away, but quite a few of them were replaced with more well intentioned ones. I would recommend this to anyone that has an obsessive mind.

Dr Humiston told my wife she would, at some point, wonder what happened to the old me. She wasn't convinced either. But after several weeks of waking up early with energy and looking forward to the day, she did in fact ask me, "What did you do with my husband!?

-Brent, continuing symptoms from alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine abuse even after nineteen years of sobriety. Successfully treated by John E. Humiston, M.D. at Center for Health and Wellbeing (www.chwbonline.com), (619) 814 5500, San Diego, California

NeuroRecover Testimonial - Bill

It was like going through a door. On one side of the door was a history of fourteen years of prescription antidepressant and anti-anxiety medications, and many negative feelings. The feeling that my condition was very fragile, the frustration of dependence for functioning on an unnatural substance whose supply might someday be interrupted, the feelings of fear that out-of-control episodes would return, the agony of trying to get off the medications but failing. On the other side of the door was simply freedom from all that. I reduced by half my medications in the week before the treatments, then stopped entirely on the first day. I've never gone back to any of them. I again know the sweet feeling of satisfaction and happiness in daily activities, instead of the former emptiness. It's what's on the other side of the door, thanks to the NeuroRecover program. I had to interrupt the NeuroRecover treatments earlier than ideal, after only 5 days last summer due to business meetings. I’ve had a few supplemental treatments since, that have continued my path towards full normalcy. It's a wonderful, frankly miraculous treatment.

-Bill, negative effects of years of Prozac, Effexor and Wellbutrin. Successfully treated by John E. Humiston, M.D. at Center for Health and Wellbeing (www.chwbonline.com), (619) 814 5500, San Diego, California