I completed my 5 day treatment on the NeuroRecharge protocols and I feel absolutely wonderful. I have massive amounts of energy all day, my brain feels so stimulated and sharp, unbelievable really. And my skin looks great too!!"
- Annie


Your partner in mental wellness and clarity

Welcome to NeuroRecharge, a program to improve mental clarity and acuity. NeuroRecharge is an innovative patient-specific program based on years of successful applied science and treatment. The NeuroRecharge program utilizes proprietary Amino Acid based intravenous preparations coupled with unique oral nutraceutical supplements to assist in improving and maintaining mental clarity and acuity.

The NeuroRecharge program’s patient specific IV preparations and unique oral nutraceutical supplements are designed to rapidly assist the body in restoring neuroreceptor function to an optimal level. Once the body’s neuroreceptor functions have been balanced, patients notice increased mental clarity, acuity and usually an enhanced sense of calm.

These formulas are based on over 15 years of treatment of more than 3,000 patients by Dr. William M. Hitt in his addiction management clinic. Dr. Hitt found that after his patients were treated for detoxification and addiction they commonly reported increased mental wellbeing and function. Post-treatment patients would often return to the clinic for booster treatments to help regain the sense of calmness and increased mental clarity they had originally experienced. Dr. Hitt then discovered that these mental improvements could be achieved in patients that had no history of substance abuse.

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